BIOTIC Phocea pigments, a quality guarantee

To create its sterile pigments, BIOTIC Phocea uses only extremely pure raw materials composed of mineral and organic pigments. Selected for their high tinting strength, they offer an ideal chromatic stability and a dispersion suited to the skin’s pH, without the addition of preservatives.

Laboratoire BIOTIC Phocea, atmosphère contrôlée

Laboratoire BIOTIC Phocea, clean room (atmospheric class C)

A precise mixture of selected and approved raw materials is first made in a clean room (atmospheric class C). These coloured powders, placed in a liquid mixture called a dispersant, are exposed to high energy. Ground and homogenized, this mixture is then subjected to a number of different physical (colour, density, viscosity, flow time, etc.) and chemical (pH, etc.) tests, followed by a spectrophotometry stage.

Next, the pigments are inspected in a light booth with colour temperature selection.

Contrôle sous cabine de lumière

Inspection in a light booth

Once these tests have been completed, BIOTIC Phocea begins production and bottling, which are always performed in a clean room (in a controlled atmosphere). This involves the automatic measurement of the fill volume and weighing inspection. The last stage involves labelling and traceability management by batch number before sterilization. The pigments are sterilized by gamma ionization at a dose of at least 25kGy. This allows the product to remain sterile for 5 years.

Thanks to this exacting process, Laboratoires BIOTIC Phocea is ISO 9001 and EN 13485 certified for the excellence of its quality management (design and manufacture) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

Biocompatibles pigments 

Of synthetic or natural origin, BIOTIC Phocea’s sterile pigments (which can be mineral or organic) are created using a 100% natural dispersant derived from plants, to which certain additives are added to ensure it is well tolerated by the skin. The result obtained, the product of a high-quality mixture, gives the final product a high degree of purity and ensures biocompatibility (meaning it is perfectly tolerated by the skin and mucous membranes in the long term) with all skin types, a guarantee of maximum safety for your clients.

Tests ensuring complete tolerance by the skin are also conducted (patch tests), as well as special tests for products used near the eye (eye irritation tests called cytotoxicity tests).