Enhance your clients’ appearance using permanent makeup ...

Unlike artistic tattooing, permanent makeup requires discretion. BIOTIC Phocea intends for this technique to simulate nature.
Discretion is our philosophy. Permanent makeup must simply reveal your own natural beauty or hide imperfections.
Thus, sparse, poorly shaped or missing eyebrows can be enhanced using “hair by hair” tattooing, and lips can be brightened and increase the face’s appeal. Intensifying your gaze with eyeliner or lash liner is also common practice.
Permanent makeup pigments can also be used to add freckles or beauty spots.
… And save them precious time!
With permanent makeup, you can help your clients save time, as they will no longer need to spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning. And since permanent makeup is applied directly into the skin, they can keep up their flawless appearance all day, and for many years.
No more running makeup due to sweat or rain. With permanent makeup, your clients can be perfectly made up in every situation.