BIOTIC Phocea, a major manufacturer’s experience

Choosing your partner for micropigmentation training and development is essential. This is why Laboratoires BIOTIC Phocea’s reputation, in terms of both product quality and the services offered, will be a key element in your success.

Whether you are a novice or a pro in the micropigmentation field, our training centres offer training sessions for all levels to help you improve your practice and fully integrate it into your professional activities. Thus, restorative and medical micropigmentation or permanent makeup can be discovered in depth thanks to the advice of a team of experienced trainers and teachers. Discover all of the reasons to choose BIOTIC Phocea and read through the details of the training programs suited to your needs.

A manufacturer of aesthetic and medical pigments and dermographs since 1999, BIOTIC Phocea was founded by Dr. TIZIANO, a plastic surgeon and clinical director of hospitals, a pioneer of medical micropigmentation since 1985.

Devoted to the proper use of pigments and motivated by the desire to transmit his technique and expertise, Dr. Tiziano shares his expertise at the BIOTIC Phocea training centre.

Our training programs were developed by Dr Jean-Paul TIZIANO and are taught by his team, made up of a hospital hygiene graduate and passionate, experienced tattooists who are driven by a thirst for knowledge. You will learn about this technique in the very place where it was developed: the manufacturing secrets will be revealed to you, empowering you to choose the products best suited to your practice.

Our teaching expertise, developed since 1999 (ISO 9001:2012) combined with our technical and practical knowledge of micropigmentation, guarantee a high-quality education.

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