What kinds of achromia can be corrected?

Not temporary achromia (such as a fungal infection on the back), but only permanent achromia caused by the destruction of melanocytes (melanin-producing cells), traumatic destruction (scars, burns) or autoimmune disease (stable vitiligo).

The Pro’s recommendation:

  1. Confirm that the achromia is permanent,
  2. Start by correcting achromia on a person of colour: there is enough of a difference that small colour imperfections in the results will be easily forgiven and the patient will be happy,
  3. Start with a test in a less-visible location,
  4. Determine the expected number of sessions so you can inform the patient and calculate the price

Practice the dotting, glazing and shading techniques on artificial skin or easy cases before attempting to correct white spots on a blond Scandinavian!

Achromies du genou - avant
Achromies du genou - après

Correction of a knee achromia

Achromies (vitiligo) de la lèvre - avant
Achromies (vitiligo) de la lèvre - après

Correction of vitiligo of the lip

Achromies (vitiligo) du visage - avant
Achromies (vitiligo) du visage - après

Correction of vitiligo of the face

Achromies la lèvre - avant
Achromies de la lèvre - après

Correction of achromia of the lower lip (and permanent natural makeup on the upper lip)