The handpiece of the Biocea dermograph: precise and ergonomic

Composed of a metal structure and parts made of a special plastic commonly used in aeronautics, this small dermograph largely sets itself apart due to its light weight of only 80 grams, which ensures easy handling. With a total length of 12.2 cm and a 10mm diameter, the handpiece is perfectly sized to allow a light but sufficient grip so the needle enters the skin with no effort. Its good ergonomics are also aided by its centre of gravity, located where the device is naturally gripped by the hand (the anatomical snuffbox).

Unlike the dermographs sold by our competitors, which require screws to be turned for adjustment, on our model it is possible to directly adjust this centre of gravity at the needle attachment point.

Safe and precise, the device permits a needle adjustment depth of 3mm. The needle depth can be modified via a graduated ring that locks automatically every 0.3mm (9 adjustment positions).

In addition, the speed, set by the user (50 to 150 strokes/second) permits gentle work to prevent skin trauma caused by too many impacts. Finally, the dermograph’s power automatically adjusts to suit the skin’s resistance to ensure even colouring.

Working speed

Thanks to the unique power of the motor torque, the number of times the needle enters the skin is precisely calculated.

Perfect results

Precise calibration
A graduated ring with 16 numbered positions allows the needle depth to be adjusted by the millimetre at any time.

Decreased risk

Increased hygiene
A built-in anti-contamination system enables the handle to be sterilized.

Made in France

Safety and reliability
The Biocea dermograph is entirely made in France – 2 year guarantee

A safe device for optimal hygiene

Pièce à mains - BIOTIC Phocea

BIOCEA® handpiece

The needles, designed in the form of cartridges (also known as hygiene modules) are sterilized and single-use in order to minimize the risk of infection. To maximize their efficiency, they are offered in bundles (groups of 1 to 5 needles) or in a comb configuration (6 to 9). These types of tips are available in different models (micro, sloped and outline). In addition, the bottom of the pen (handle) can be unscrewed and sterilized, ensuring the optimal hygiene of all parts coming into contact with blood, an indication of successful pigmentation.

The Biocea® control unit

Central de regulation - BIOTIC Phocea

This innovative electronic control unit offers a wide range of settings via a dual display to facilitate reading (an electronic meter and diodes). Settings can be changed by simply pressing with your finger thanks to the integrated microprocessor. The device can also be controlled either directly or using a pedal. The dermograph immediately stops when your foot is removed from the pedal, ensuring safety.