With 30 years of experience in aesthetic and restorative surgery, Dr. Tiziano founded Laboratoires BIOTIC Phocea in 1999 to meet the medical need for sterile single-use pigments meeting the European standard CE class IIb for medical devices (BioChromaDerm®). This process, inspired by work that began in the United States in the 1950s, formed the starting point for a line of specific, innovative pigments. The company became a reference on the French corrective and medical dermapigmentation market and, later on, in the field of permanent makeup.

A stroke of genius with multiple applications

In the beginning, the sterile pigment created, called BioChromaDerm®, was intended to recolour the mammary areola of patients operated on due to breast cancer. Completely absorbed by the human body, this corrective medical dermapigmentation technique was approved on the European level in 2000.
In parallel, BIOTIC Phocea developed an innovative tattoo machine (BioCea®) allowing these single-use medical pigments to be safely applied to the epidermis. These innovations allowed BIOTIC Phocea to become operational and extend its use to permanent makeup through a line of aesthetic pigments (Airless Color®, Perfect Drop®, Onedoz®).
The company then began to popularize the use of the tattoo machine through professional training programs – medical dermapigmentation training and permanent makeup training.

Unlimited know-how

Aided by his children, and by the needs of an expanding client base, in commercializing these innovations, Dr. Tiziano rapidly expanded his aesthetic practice. Safe permanent makeup using single-use sterile pigments was born, and plunged the company into the beauty industry.
BIOTIC Phocea then created two research and development centres in order to offer, in addition to its medical products, a second range of products for cosmetic use. Multiple lines of products made with organic ingredients (anti-aging, creams containing high concentrations of active ingredients) were developed to complete this range. Made from concentrated active ingredients of natural origin, these second-generation organic products have textures and scents that closely correspond to cosmetics standards while offering maximum effectiveness.
After developing its own brand in 2003, BIOTIC Phocea decided in 2006 to refocus its research activities on innovative organic cosmetics. Laboratoires BIOTIC Phocea now provides its expertise to well-known brands.
The company’s know-how thus expanded to include many highly promising practices. New uses for dermapigmentation, including in the ophthalmology and radiation therapy fields as well as the development of high-quality cosmetic products, ensure that BIOTIC Phocea’s future continues to look bright.

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