The 4 steps to create your cosmetics brand

    • Defining the project
      • What kinds of treatments should my line offer: men, women, baby, body, hygiene, makeup, hair, organic, natural…?
      • Do I want to define my sphere: sea, tropical, dermocosmetics, fair trade, hive products…?
      • What is my price positioning?
      • What are my distribution channels?
      • Who is my target market?
    • Creating the line
      • Select your products from among the 100 available turnkey formulas
    • Packaging and graphic design
      • Choose your packaging from the catalogue OR provide your own packaging (in this case, plan for 5 months of packing tests)
      • Develop your brand visuals with BIOTIC Phocea or on your own
    • Manufacture and packaging
      • Depending on your project and requirements, BIOTIC Phocea can certify your products as organic (so you can make this claim)
      • Manufacture
      • Packaging
      • Delivery from factory
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