Stay a step ahead of your competitors with our active formulas

True to its medical expertise, BIOTIC Phocea has selected products derived from active dermocosmetology. Our laboratories place an emphasis on our products’ effectiveness, which is consumers’ top priority.

You can forget about first-generation organic products. After 3 years of research and development, BIOTIC Phocea now offers refined textures and scents that are new to the organic world.

Discover our formulas

Formulas that suit your needs

Because BIOTIC Phocea’s first consideration is you and your brand, you can choose a theme for each formula:

  • Marine cosmetology,
  • Tropical atmosphere,
  • commerce équitable,
  • Dermocosmetics(hyaluronic acid)…

A single formula can take on many different appearances. It’s up to you to choose the one that best reflects your wishes to create completely customized treatments!

A large range of references

For rapid start-up, BIOTIC Phocea offers:

  • FACE CARE: cleansing gels, scrubs, makeup removers and lotions, anti-aging and moisturizing creams, dry oil, urban care, eye contour treatments, serums, masks…
  • BODY CARE: body balms and milks, scrubs, massage oils, hand and nail creams, shower gels…
  • FOR MEN: shaving creams, aftershaves, anti-shine fluids, 3 in 1 treatments, exfoliating gels…
  • MAKEUP PRODUCTS: mascaras, eyeshadows, lip balms

Turn your projects into reality… BIOTIC Phocea provides the technical expertise you need to launch your cosmetics brand!

Biotic’s irrefutable success

In the process involved in launching a cosmetics brand, a key stage is the selection of a marketing theme: which of the product’s characteristics should be showcased? Which reference universe should it inhabit? What positioning should be adopted? Within the wide range of cosmetics products it has developed, BIOTIC Phocea has endeavoured to leave a wide range of possibilities open in order to allow you to fully customize your marketing.

cosmetique-picto-tropicsThe properties of natural ingredients from Asia, Africa or South America which are regularly used to create BIOTIC Phocea white label cosmetics allow you to create brands with an exotic theme, evoking the lush richness of nature, or escapism and different methods of self- and body care.
cosmetique-picto-wavesThe sea and the nourishing, revitalizing properties of algae are some of the themes you can include in your brand’s BIOTIC Phocea cosmetics. Detoxifying Mediterranean algae, red algae that regulates microcirculation and anti-aging green microalgae are some of the especially effective natural ingredients that justify a marketing theme involving the sea and its freshness, vitality and regenerative properties.


cosmetique-picto-creamBIOTIC Phocea is first and foremost a laboratory that develops and manufactures high-tech cosmetic products: the variety and high quality of the ingredients, the high standards and rigour of sourcing and of the manufacturing process are also elements you can choose to focus on in marketing your brand. True to our medical expertise, we place an emphasis on the effectiveness of our products by developing lines inspired by dermocosmetology, namely by including natural hyaluronic acid in our luxury formulas. And as luck would have it, effectiveness is consumers’ number one priority!
cosmetique-picto-earthFinally, the fourth theme that can be used is the fair trade factor. The baobab oil used in most of our formulas is a fair trade product. For many years, BIOTIC Phocea has been committed to sustainable development. In addition to manufacturing organic products and respecting nature and its cycles, we build strong, lasting relationships with our suppliers that are not based on squeezing their margins.