To meet your needs, our cosmetics manufacture offers the latest generation of organic formulas with refined textures and scents.

GMOs, phenoxyethanol, parabens, formaldehyde, CRM and petrochemical-based ingredients are forbidden by our quality procedure. This strict positioning, inspired by active dermocosmetology, places an emphasis on effectiveness, which is a priority for your consumers. Organic cosmetics subcontracting allows you to easily create your own turnkey cosmetics line from over a hundred formulas developed and tested by our laboratories.

Comprehensive support to prevent errors

To help you make the right decisions and perfectly deploy your brand, BIOTIC Phocea provides a complete support system for all of the aspects of your brand. To find your place on the market, create a name, determine the right price positioning, identify innovations or understand market trends and consumer expectations, BIOTIC Phocea advises you based on competitive, regulatory and market intelligence and by creating trend files for the market segment you fit into.

By working closely with you, our teams will be better able to make recommendations that suit your expectations, your business context and your budget.


BIOTIC Phocea is the best choice to expand your business while ensuring an exceptional level of quality and an effective product launch. BIOTIC Phocea’s product lines help you develop a product range that is both broad and specific.

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