Original formulation

A made-to-measure cosmetics manufacturer known to many French and international brands, BIOTIC Phocea accompanies you at each stage of the creation of your fully customized natural or organic cosmetics brand, letting you have a say regarding every aspect of its formulation. The concept, galenic form, smell and colour are meticulously studied in our laboratories to develop a line of cosmetics that reflects your brand’s DNA.

Based on precise specifications, BIOTIC Phocea takes 3 weeks to develop the concept for each cosmetic product, as well as its smell, texture, colour and appearance. Multiple test formulas are submitted before a formula is approved for use.

This cosmetic formula, developed under medical supervision, is then compared to current regulatory requirements. Its stability and compatibility with its container are also examined.

After a series of validations including level 1 stability tests (over 2 or 3 months), the formula is subjected to various tests (challenge test, patch test, eye irritation test). These tests allow a toxicology report to be issued. These elements make it possible to prepare part of the Product Information File, required by regulations, in two months. It should be noted that certain claims (hypoallergenic, slimming, etc.) lengthen this timeframe, as additional testing is required.

Next, the production phase takes 4 weeks, producing products that reflect your image, prepared in compliance with legal requirements. During this stage, we will discuss the marketing aspects (packaging, branding, product description) with you, if you desire, to ensure that your project is a complete success.

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All of these steps, completed thanks to our great expertise in research and development and cosmetics manufacturing, will allow you to design your products without concerning yourself with the technical details. This will ensure that your line of cosmetics, made with a completely original formula, offers all of the characteristics your clients are looking for.